Bill Bucher

Bill: Business Merger & Acquisition

Bill Bucher joins Donna Concannon and David Kosmas of NSB Homes to provide Business Merger & Acquisition (M&A) services throughout Florida. We work closely with both buyers and sellers to achieve successful M&A transactions. Additionally, we provide CFO support services to business owners that want to develop their organizations and we prepare them for a future M&A transaction. These services may include strategic planning and business plan execution, developing operational and administrative infrastructure, establishing formal processes and metrics, implementing effective finance and accounting reporting capabilities, hiring support for key positions, and leadership development. Preparing a company for an M&A transaction may take many months or even a year or longer. Companies that are well prepared for an M&A deal are best positioned to negotiate higher deal valuations.

Bill moved to Lake Mary in 2008 to grow a private equity backed healthcare provider company, which was subsequently purchased in 2012 by the Kroger Co. A year later, he and his wife relocated to New Smyrna Beach.

To learn more about our M&A advisory services, please contact Bill at 404-992-2416 or by email at or

Driving Success: Bill Bucher

Merger & Acquisition

Bill Bucher, a distinguished financial executive, leverages 30+ years of expertise, playing a pivotal role in over 25 M&A transactions, surpassing $3 billion in combined revenues. His focus on operations ensures seamless advisory services nationwide.

Business Growth Maestro

As CFO for 7 companies, Bill proved to be a catalyst for success, steering revenue from <$50M to nearly $3 billion. His comprehensive understanding of the business life cycle makes him a strategic partner for growth-oriented ventures. Partnering with Bill brings a wealth of experience that contributes to overall success and prosperity.

Healthcare Strategic Leader

Bill's impactful leadership extends to healthcare, where he served as COO for a national healthcare organization and directed financial operations and strategic growth initiatives for an international nurse staffing company. His strategic, financial, and operational insights offer a unique advantage in navigating healthcare-related real estate dynamics.

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