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How to Effectively Stage Your Condo to Sell

condos on Florida beachTo truly amaze potential home buyers and invite them in to view (and ultimately buy) your New Smyrna Beach home, you need to stage your home effectively. Here are a few simple "to dos" you can do to make sure your home stuns home buyers for all the right reasons.

7 Easy Steps to Stage Your New Smyrna Beach Home

First impressions are everything, and the same is true for your home. You want home buyers to be interested in your condo, so you have to pull out all the stops and make sure your home is radiant from the inside and out. Here are our best tips to effectively stage your property and ultimately attract a buyer for your property.

1. Attract the Buyers from Afar

Your home needs to knock buyers’ socks off the moment they see it.

As they approach your home for the showing, what they see first determines if they’ll continue inside or simply drive by and give your agent the “no thank you." 

What do home buyers see first? What your property looks like from the outside. Buyers need to be impressed and attracted to your home from the moment they lay eyes on it. So take out the welcome mat, put a seasonal wreath on the front door, and give the front of your condo a sweep with the broom. 

2. It's All in the Details

Are those light bulbs in the living room still out? Have you been putting off tightening those hinges on the front door?

You don’t want to attract the buyer into the home only to disappoint them with the details. Before your home showing, you’ll need to go through every inch of your property to make sure all repairs are taken care of. Home buyers know they're making a huge investment, so they're going to explore your condo with a fine-tooth comb looking for any flaws. You should beat them to it.

3. Make Your Home Shine

Dirt is bad, clean is good. But don’t just clean your home. Polish it.

The error many sellers make in showing their home is doing a “one-over” cleaning, but to sell your home you’ll need to roll up your sleeves and get to work.

Find all of the areas inside and outside of your home that could use a deep clean and tackle them. If you like, you can hire a professional cleaning service to do the dirty work for you. 

modern bedroom with large rug and hardwood floors4. It's Not Just about the Amount of Space 

The home buyers are already aware of the square footage of your home. What they want to know is how you're using it.

Does your living room look cramped with too many chairs? Does your closet seem tiny with all of those shelves?

The wrong colors and furniture setup can make a large room like much smaller. When you're staging your home, avoid using dark wall colors and constricting furniture arrangements. You might also want to open the windows and let the natural light in — it makes the room feel more open. 

5. Cater to All Five Senses

You wouldn't eat a beautiful steak that smelled bad. And you won't eat an ugly steak that smelled great. 

When you're staging your New Smyrna Beach home, you’ll need to charm potential home buyers across all five sense.

Lure buyers into your home with a clean exterior, and greet them inside with pleasant aromas and soft, melodious music. Your appeals to the five senses need to be subtle but still noticeable. Lavender scents and classical music usually work best. If you want to go the extra mile, bake some cookies before the buyers arrive to satisfy their sense of taste and smell. 

6. Play to Your Home's Strengths

Condos are like people — all with individual personalities, strengths, and weaknesses. You’ll want to know how your home excels and highlight those features to prospective condo buyers.

Be sure to spend extra time showcasing your condo's strengths, and really “talk up” why you love them — maybe it's the way the sunrise slinks through your windows every morning, or maybe it's the way you can hear the surf from your bedroom at night. 

Make the buyer feel what you feel. You want to appeal to the buyer's emotions, and make them love your condo as much as you do. 

domestic kitten on a pink towel7. Pets are Great, Except when Selling

Not every home buyer is a fan of Fluffy. Some may even be allergic.

If you have a pet, be sure to do a very thorough cleaning of the pet’s area — and we do mean thorough. Leave no trace of hair or pet odor in your home, whether in the carpets or on the furniture. 

Obviously, you’ll also want to have friends pet-sit for a couple days. Buyers that leave your home needing an antihistamine shot probably won’t return.

List Your Property with NSB Homes

Proper home staging can mean a world of difference when you're selling your home in New Smyrna Beach. Not only can effective home staging draw the interest of home buyers, it can even speed up the time your home's on the market. 

Looking for other ways to sell your New Smyrna Beach condo that will save you time, stress, and money? List your property with Donna Concannon & David Kosmas, NSB Homes, and we can work together to meet your real estate goals. Contact us today at 386-427-0439 or donna@nsbhomes.com to get started.